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completeinstars's Journal

Cross Word
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You’ve found the graphics journal of GoodToast

Here she shares all the various things that she makes in photoshop.

about me.

20 years old. College Student in Washington State. Political Science and Japanese major, but isn’t Otaku. Loves Thai food, and despises cabbage. Addicted to crossword puzzles (they get her through her morning commute). Not religious, but is very much into existentialism. Loves television with good/clever writing (and loves those writers). Ships too often and too much. Also hopelessly addicted to Korean and Japanese dramas. V. friendly girl, and loves making friends (won’t bite).

fandoms i adore.

Angeo ⋅ Arrested Development ⋅ The Colbert Report ⋅ The Daily Show ⋅ Delightful Girl Chun-Hyang ⋅ Doctor Who⋅ Goong ⋅ Firefly ⋅ Hana Yori Dango ⋅ How I Met Your MotherHustle ⋅ My Girl ⋅ Nobuta wo Produce ⋅ Nodame Cantabile ⋅ The Office (US/UK) ⋅ Robin Hood ⋅ Sports Night ⋅ Strangers with Candy ⋅ Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip ⋅ Ugly Betty ⋅ The West Wing

my many otps.

Doctor/Rose (DW) ⋅ Barney/Robin (HIMYM) ⋅ Josh/Donna (TWW) ⋅ Jayne/River (FF) ⋅ Mal/Inara (FF) ⋅ Jack/Jordan (S60) ⋅ Chuck/Geoffrey (SwC) ⋅ Jon/Stephen (TDS) ⋅